Every airline has its own luggage restrictions (size, shape, weight, quantity), so you’ll need to check with your carrier about their requirements for your flight. Your airline will also have provisions for oversized items and provide instructions on where these need to be dropped

How heavy is your bag?

No need to play the guessing game or try to wheel a large suitcase onto small kitchen scales – Brisbane Airport provides luggage scales to confirm the weight of your bag prior to check-in.  You’ll find them located near the check in desks at both the International and Domestic Terminals.

Do you have oversized baggage to check in?

Oversized baggage opens to meet the airline check-in times at both the International and Domestic Terminal. Check with your airline on oversize luggage information as this varies between airlines.

Need a trolley?

Let us lighten your load! Brisbane Airport offer baggage trolleys in both terminals for your convenience.

Baggage trolleys are complimentary in the International Terminal and can be hired for a non-refundable fee of AU $4.00 in the Domestic Terminal.  

Looking for a trolley – Domestic Terminal

  • Car Park
  • Pick up and  drop off area
  • Baggage Claim – Level 1

Looking for a complimentary trolley – International Terminal

  • Car Park
  • Departures Hall – Level 4
  • Baggage Claim – Level 2 in the Customs Hall
Need a locker to store your luggage?

Both Terminals at Brisbane Airport and the Skygate Centre offer luggage lockers, which can be used as a self-service storage facility any time of day or night.

Simply lock away your goods, make payment, and retrieve your one-off unique pincode.

Looking for a locker at the Domestic Terminal?

  • You’ll find lockers outside the Qantas and Virgin Terminal areas, after the first pedestrian crossing, in the covered median strip area.

Looking for a locker at the International Terminal?

  • Lockers can be found on Level 1 (ground floor) adjacent to the car park entrance.

Looking for a locker at Skygate shopping precinct?

  • These are next to the transfer bus stop between the Skygate Centre and DFO.

  • DFO also has luggage lockers inside the centre (near Converse), however it is REALLY important to note that the centre closes at 6pm each night.

Locker sizes and fees:  

  • Small locker (420mm H x 900mm D x 420mm W) $12 per 24 hours
  • Medium locker (520mm H x 900mm D x 420mm W) $14 per 24 hours
  • Large locker (864mm H x 900mm D x 420mm W) $16 per 24 hours

For further information about locker storage, please contact Smarte Carte direct on +61 7 3860 6236.

If you have oversized luggage to store, you’ll find the information you need under the oversized luggage storage options section below.

Oversized luggage storage options

If you have oversized luggage that you need to store that won’t fit into the large lockers, Easy Cart can provide this service at the International Terminal.

To arrange oversized storage contact Easy Cart directly on +61 466 853 080 for more information, a quote and to organise the storage. 

If you are at the Domestic Terminal, you will need to transfer to the International Terminal to store your oversized luggage. It is best to pre-arrange your luggage storage with Easy Cart in advance. 

Looking to Plastic Wrap your Bag?

A bag wrap service is available at International Terminal Level 4, before check-in.

Protectabag seal your luggage, boxes, carry bags, baby buggies and car seats using strong plastic film, giving you peace of mind that your items will be protected during your travels.

Has your bag been lost, delayed or damaged?

If your checked baggage has not arrived or has been damaged during your flight, please contact your airline directly.

Brisbane Airport and unattended baggage

Please keep your bags with you at all times. Any unattended luggage found in Brisbane Airport will be reported to Australian Federal Police.

If you see any unattended items please call the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on 131 237.

Whenever travelling, always pack your own bag and never carry items onboard a flight for someone else.